Friday, April 21, 2017

New Launch! Sin City by Night - Part One

 XXX Erotica

For those who like or need more substance with their hot and naughty, I present to
you the serial story of our secret guardians.

They are known throughout history as the Nephilim, half angel, half human. These
half-breed are all that stands in the way of Lucifer and his thirteen apostles in the
war that continues. They hunt the things that go bump in the night, the things that
should not exist, and their numbers are dwindling.

This first part took a little time. I’ll admit it. Some stories come easy, and others
come hard. I had to get the feel of this world I’m building, and that’s okay.
Nobody ever said writing was easy.

Right now you can only find this new story on Smashwords.

Of course it will take some time before it’s up everywhere. I might wait a working
week to get approved for the Smashwords Premium Catalog, and Barnes & Noble
might take another week before you see it there. Google Play, might take a day or
so. Since the work never ends, I best get back to it.

Support Indie Authors like me, you’re all we have. Don’t hesitate to read a
sample, and actually buy. It’s the only way to find out how the story ends.