Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Launch! The Courtesan Part Six

Part Six of The Courtesan is up and on over at Smashwords, and for those who
buy from iTunes, Kobo Adult, or Barnes&Noble, I’ll again have to wait for
approval in the Smashwords Premium Catalog, before they distribute part six to all
other vendors, including stores overseas. Give it a week.

Yes, I’m in stores overseas. Right now! You just have to look for me.

I’ll be ending this series with part seven, but that’s okay. This is actually the first
serial story I ever published, and I have another erotic serial simmering in the back
reaches of my mind, because, this is fun! It’s a challenge to write a novel (70,000
words) in less than two and a half months. Keep it all together in my head, not
wanting to trip over my own feet, loosely speaking.

Maybe I wrote something good (I think I did), and maybe you think I could have
done better. Don’t know. I just know I liked telling this story.

I still have to finish a novel as Ripley King (Baby Makes Three), but while I’m
doing that, I’m going to re-publish Alice in Sexland in five parts under the Nikki
Blood pen name. Five new covers for each part, already done. It will keep the
momentum up for me here, this me, and let me get the other book done. I won’t
have to split my attention between two different styles of books, using two
different voices.

Support Indie Authors like me, you’re all we have. Don’t hesitate to read a
sample, and actually buy. It’s the only way to find out how the story ends.

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