Sunday, March 12, 2017

Conclusions to the 2017 Read an Ebook Week Promotion - March 5 - 11

Now I need to take the raw data and do something with it.

The Courtesan Part Seven - Endings - 92
The Courtesan Part One - 92
The Courtesan Part Six - 39
The Courtesan Part Five - 37
The Courtesan Part Four - 37
The Courtesan Part Three - 36
The Courtesan Part Two - 35
Alice in Sexland - 23
5 - 20
5 Ominibus Edition - 17
Ancient, Evil, Hungry -The Chronicles of Ian Duncan - Book Two - 17
Lonely Hero Thing - ?The Chronicles of Ian Duncan - Book One - 16
One Last 5 - 14
Again, 5 - 14
Another 5 - 13
Burnt Offerings - 10
Earth Improvement Day - 10
5 More - 9
Love Dark - 9
The Pre-dead Saga - 9
Shift Change - 8
And Jesus Wept - 7
Nightstrider: The Spaces Between - 0

Right now the rough data says I gave away 556 books, and the titles are broken
down with the number of downloads each got for the week.

At the top of the list are the erotica titles. Next are the short stories, followed by
my two series books, which means number three is needed.

Everything from Burnt Offerings on down are the standalone novels I wrote, and
Nightstrider (Horror) wasn’t included in the sale for some reason, and I missed
manually changing the price to free, like I did for part seven of The Courtesan.

My conclusions so far? People want smut. Fine. To make my smut worth reading,
I’ve been delving into other’s smut. Learn something new, and take my smut up a
notch or two.

I’ll finish Baby Makes Three, and see about a fourth novel in the Ian Duncan

That’s it. My year is going to be filled with smut, and Ian Duncan. To do anything
else right now would be stupid.

Now I hope I’ll get some reviews out all this, but reviews are like pulling teeth,
with the roots of said metaphorical teeth, balls deep. Still . . .

Don’t hesitate to read a sample of my many books, and actually buy the book that
interests you. It’s the only way to find out how the story ends.

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