Thursday, March 16, 2017

Notice My Mail-list Signup to the Right?

Every author nowadays needs readers and fans, and the easiest way to reach this
dedicated group of naughty readers is a mail-list / newsletter signup form. The
trick is for me not to abuse your good will. No pop-up forms that annoy the hell
out of you, or me.

I won’t tell you about every blog post I make, but I’ll let you know when I have a
new release. I’ll tell you about any special offers or freebies I might have. That’s
it. Once a month? Maybe twice a month if I’m running a special deal?

I did revamp my back matter in all seven parts of The Courtesan to give future
readers that link, and that choice. Now I have to get the new versions uploaded.
But, before I do, I want to look for any mistakes. Look over each part (for that one 
last freaking typo) before I post again.

One that’s done, I’ll upload to Draft2Digital, but I won’t use their automated back
matter tool. What I have is fine. That will allow me to use the created .epubs to
upload to Streetlib all my dirty books, and offer them worldwide. Clean reads,
clean links. I’ll see if they show up on Google Play.

I’m trying to get everything I need done, done right, right from the start.
Smashwords will get the new uploads to distribute, D2D the same, and then

Support Indie Authors like me, you’re all we have. Don’t hesitate to read a
sample, and actually buy. It’s the only way to find out how the story ends. BTW,
if you get the urge write me a review or two, just go with it. I won't mind.

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