Monday, January 23, 2017

Bare Bones It

I admit I love the simplicity of Blogger when it comes to a free functional
web site. I can add images and pages when needed, but what I don’t want is a
cluttered mess that takes too long to load. I gather people don’t like sites that take
too long to load.

I’ve seen Blogger blogs dedicated to every shape and style of slit a woman could
have, and I remember one blog site that .giff(ed) those vaginas to flutter like
butterflies. No shit. I found it reading Piers Anthony’s blog. All old farts that like
pussy, like pussy. My point being is: that I can be naughty here.

BTW, his section called Publish on Web, is a treasure trove of who’s who, but I
stress caution. This business of publishing can change week to week, and updates
on this site are not that quick. I suggest you do your own research on any link that
interests you. Look before you leap.

If you do see a site link to the right, then what you see has real and useful
information there, you can use. The Kindle Boards, Writers’ CafĂ©, what can’t you

Ghost or post, everyone with good intentions and nice manners is welcome to ask
and learn about this business from the ground up.

This thread is of particular interest for those wondering why I haven’t a buy link at
Amazon. Read all 125 pages of it. What gave me the willies, was somewhere toward
the very back, I had history slap my face. The words used by Amazon were, and I’ll
quote, but I’m not perfect . . . “Tell us what you sold, and we’ll pay you for it.”

Something like that.

That line was once used by GreatUnpublished, as they screwed writers almost
twenty years ago, and then used by their later rebirth as Booksurge, as they
screwed more writers almost fifteen years ago, and once Amazon bought them out
to create Createspace, and their digital empire formed . . .

What a shock it was to discover the emperor has no clothes. I thought I would
never, ever, see words like that again, yet, there they were. “Tell us what you sold,
and we’ll pay you for it.”

No, motherfuckers, you tell me what I sold, don’t lie, and see me paid. That’s how
it’s supposed to work.

That’s why I broke ties with Amazon publishing anything I have, with three
different pen names. I don’t need them to sell books.

I’ll limit myself to these two listing, for now, and the one thread every indie author
should read.

Don’t hesitate to read a sample, and actually buy. It’s the only way to find out
how the story ends.

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