Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Barnes&Noble Dungeon Issues

Yesterday, things were fine. Today, things are not.

The Barnes&Noble link to my books doesn’t work. Now, I distribute through
Smashwords, so I asked them what was what.

“Thanks for the email. We just found out about this. Apparently, all erotica titles
are now blocked from public view from B&N.  However, as long as a reader has a
B&N account, they will still be able to search for erotica titles.

This probably won't affect sales too much since readers looking for erotica on
B&N will likely already have an account with them.”


I never had a Barnes&Noble account, but I’ll have to get one just to see if this is
correct, and how many steps it will take for the average buyer to find even one of
my books.

And that’s exactly what I did. I got an account. So far, Alice in Sexland by Ripley
King is gone, and so are parts 1 - 4 of The Courtesan.

There is a thread on this topic on the KBoards, and this bit of tattle.

“Thank you for contacting NOOK Press Publisher Support.

As you may know, B&N has been working on improving the search effectiveness
on our website over the past few months. Early this morning, a small change was
put into effect, which inadvertently had a large negative impact on our search
results. This change will be backed out tomorrow. We appreciate your patience,
and apologize for the inconvenience that this issue may have caused.”

Your guess is as good as mine, so I’ll see how this plays out.

Don’t hesitate to read a sample, and actually buy. It’s the only way to find out
how the story ends.

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