Friday, February 10, 2017

Google Play

For me to get my books up at the Google Play store, I have two options. The first
is the Italian company Streetlib, and the second is Pronoun. I’ll have links posted
to both my book sites. My site here, and on my Bastard Black blog, with maybe a
mention of what’s done in a Rip’s Picks update, when purchase links are posted on
the books page.

Both Streetlib and Pronoun make payments through PayPal, monthly, which is
good. Always remember that PayPal can be self-righteous when it concerns what
they deem as questionable material, and to get an account unfrozen may take a

Now, with Streetlib, they have zero qualms when it comes to erotica. So that’s
what I’ll do with them. The Courtesan is but the first of many erotic titles I have
planned, and I’ll make sure I’m worldwide with them. Nothing like going
worldwide when sex sells. My titles will not be mentioned by Streetlib to PayPal,
only how much money I’m paid.

Pronoun, in their terms and conditions, would rather do without outright
pornography, and my erotica falls within that realm, so they will be used for
everything else . . . Ripley King, and Bastard Black. I’ll use them only for Google
Play, as I have everything else covered by Draft2Digital and Smashwords. I post
those links to the right, too.

If at a later date I have a problem with Pronoun, as it seems like they have an
affiliation with Amazon I’m not sure about, or like, I can still use Streetlib.

I’m averaging 2000 words a day now, so I’ll see part six done soon. I’d do more,
but I’m working on Baby Makes Three as Ripley King in the evenings. Alongside
the above, that is.

My ads are still running for both me here, and as Ripley King. I’m making money
from the ads I run at Rip’s Pick, though not much. It’s okay. So, I’m being seen,
and that’s what really counts.

Drop by the Bastard Black blog, as a new post there delves into Lester Dent, and
the legacy he left for all writers.

Support Indie Authors like me, you’re all we have. Don’t hesitate to read a
sample, and actually buy.
It’s the only way to find out how the story ends.

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